Thursday, 25 November 2010

An exciting development!

Feeling very happy tonight as I got an email from Gillie Russell, the agent in London I had approached. I sent her the full MS of The Watchers about a month ago and have spent the last 4 weeks trying not to:
a) become an email stalker
b) chew my nails away to nothing

Anyhow, my patience *may* be rewarded in time. Gillie emailed this evening to say that she has been swamped but that she is reading the MS and is "really loving it." I was so pleased to get her message as it feels like I sent the MS to her about a decade ago - every day feels so slow...! :-)

So now I need to keep my fingers crossed that she likes the ending etc and that she decides she wants to sell it to somebody, dammit!

The whole process is a total emotional rollercoaster. I thought writing the book was the hard part - but that now seems like a breeze in comparison to this bit...!


Ricky Kerrigan said...

Enjoy writing and would also love to be published one day (not ready yet!) so found your posts interesting if not quite scary! Hope all goes well for you.

Debbie said...

Thanks a lot Ricky. Believe me, if I can finally write a whole book it is within your grasp...!

Sarah said...

That's great news Gillie is loving your MS. Hope you receive another positive update soon!

Debbie said...

Thanks! Keeping everything bendy crossed!

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