About Me!

Debbie McCune

Debbie (DJ) McCune was born in Belfast and grew up in Carrickfergus, a seaside town just north of the city. As a child she liked making up stories and even wrote some down, including a thriller about a stolen wallaby. At school she hated doing homework, except writing stories for English - which were long enough to make her teachers weep.

 Debbie read Theology at Trinity College, Cambridge but mostly just read lots of books. She has enjoyed a varied career, but she is currently Head of Religious Studies in an Integrated Secondary School. She lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, daughter - and two cats with seven legs between them.


I started writing stories when I was a kid. My first 'book' was a thriller about a stolen wallaby. I stapled it and everything!

I like to read about strong characters who stay with me long after the book is closed. My goal is to write these characters too!

Writing takes self-discipline. You won't enjoy every minute when you're working on a book - but that's okay, as long as you get to the end. When you cross the finishing line it all becomes worthwhile.

Good luck with your own writing!

Agent: Gillie Russell, Aitken Alexander
Publisher: Hot Key Books

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