Monday, 12 July 2010

Silly Season

Well folks, it's the 12th of July, marching day. We pretty much ignored it all, after I sat up half the night to watch True Blood. We had a lie in as el husbando is off work today, then headed to the beach to make the most of the sunshine. It was scorching earlier but the sky has started to pile up with clouds.

Back home we had some barbeque chicken kebabs for lunch out in the garden. It started to get very hot and close. We're back indoors watching the sky turn black.

Tonight we are heading out for dinner to Yoko, a nice Chinese / Fusion restaurant nearby. The Rosemary Drama Group are back in town for summer theatre, and I used to be one of their illustrious members. We saw a few of them at our wedding in April, so it will be nice to catch up.

The writing thing has been pretty dismal - finding it hard to get motivated, so have really just been scribbling notes in a book for the last couple of days. Not sure what's wrong - maybe doubting whether any of it will ever be published, in which case I might be better chilling out for the summer... :-)

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