Sunday, 11 July 2010

Soooooooooo borrrrrrrreeeed

Yesterday I crossed the 25,000 word mark, which was a good feeling. I should be raring to go today. So why do I keep sitting down at the computer, and surfing the net, checking emails and generally pockling round like an eejit?

I know where the next couple of chapters are going, and I know how the last few chapters will look. I'm at the stage where there's a chunk in the middle that's vague and amorphous. So far as I write each section the next section unfolds, so I suppose I will just have to trust that process.

I got up late this morning, and that always gets a Sunday off to a bad start, especially when you need it to be a productive Sunday. I don't want this whole process of trying to knock the book out to become something joyless, something that will make me resent giving up my summer to do it.

The sun is appearing in occasional glimpses. After I got back from the beach yesterday the weather became what can only be described as 'suicide weather'. Grey, monotonous sheets of rain pouring through the afternoon and into the evening. We heated up leftover Chinese and watched a bit of the football. Family Guy was on later on, great one - Empire Strikes Back theme. I rarely watch TV so it was a bit of a treat.

Think I need to get out for an hour and clear my head. Maybe then I can come back and sit down with something like enthusiasm. I read a tip in a book that says you should always do ten minutes free writing before you start writing, because it clears the garbage and gets you ready to write for real. Maybe this will be my free writing.

That'll be fun for anyone reading... :-)

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