Friday, 10 December 2010

Happy disbelief.

Ha! This image represents ME!

Today I got an email from my agent, saying how much she is looking forward to working together. I feel like writing 'my agent' again. 'My agent'. Ha! :-D

The point here is that I am still kindof in disbelief. Back in June I started writing a story. I sweated over it during the summer, occasionally doubting my own sanity and shedding tears over my own stubborn stupidity. After all, I could have been lying about chilling, dammit!

Now I am getting emails that use phrases like 'strategy' and 'submissions' and 'visits to publishing houses'. It's like a vindication of my hours as a hermit and the unfailing support of the (angel) Murph and the fabulous Bernie McGill (not to mention her daughter Mary).

The book isn't sold yet - in fact it will be a couple of months before I will even get an inkling in that direction - but the fact is I am Joe Bloggs the writer and for anyone out there who dreams of writing a book I am the living proof that you CAN still get an agent and POSSIBLY even get your story published. Even as a brand new, non-celebrity newbie on the block!

'My Agent'. HA!

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