Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Revisions, revisions, revisions!

Just a quick post tonight as I've been busy doing some revisions, ready to send the MS to Gillie again. Thankfully they are relatively small things - I had to insert more references to a character and cut a few waffly paragraphs of Evie going places. I am going to come back to the changes tomorrow night with a fresh eye, then send it on.

It's hard in some ways because I feel too close to the writing to be objective. On the other hand it's really exciting reading the book again when I haven't read it for a few weeks. I feel like, "My God! I wrote this!!!" It makes up for the days when I've looked at it and thought, "What am I doing?!"

Ha! The rollercoaster ride of writing a book!


Baily Jones said...

I've always dreamt of writing a book! Ohhhh, maybe some day I will... but I doubt that's on my 2011 list... GOOD LUCK with the rest of your venture, how exciting!!!


ellie said...

I did the nanowrite more thing..oh my god..like a drug..then to go back and look at...its like..was I on drugs..As they say, let it breathe, or write yourself into a situation and hope you can write yourself out of it. I do love characters..thats where the story starts.

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