Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday night treat!

So... the other night, for the first time in AGES I watched Dirty Dancing. I had totally forgotten how unbelievably sexy Patrick Swayze was in this film. The Murph was sent out of the living room so me, the cats and a box of chocolates could salivate over 'Johnny Castle' at our leisure.

I couldn't find an embeddable version of this scene (or at least one that hadn't been badly dubbed in French / German / Russian) so if you'd like to admire the scrumptiousness of every girl's favourite dance instructor you can find it here.



Rebecca Camarena said...

I was thinking about Patrick today, when I heard the song from the movie "Ghost" on the radio. The good ones always die so young. Would you like to host authors at your blog? email if interested.

Tom said...

I love Dirty dancing. So beautiful movie!


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